PowerShaper Flex Enrolment

What is PowerShaper Flex?

PowerShaper Flex is a service which enables you to save money by allowing us to turn your electrical appliances on and off remotely. This will support the flexible operation of the electricity grid and enable more of your energy to be supplied by renewable sources.

Not only that, but with the PowerShaper ‘Home Energy Management System’ or ‘HEMS’, you can control when devices are charged in order to benefit from cheaper energy rates, such as automatically switching on your electric vehicle charger in the early hours of the morning.

We are trialling the service over the next 12 months in Greater Manchester and across the UK.

We’ll pay you for your participation in the scheme. The trial runs from now until May 2023, and you will receive 3 instalments of incentive payments over the course of the trial in the form of vouchers totalling £300.

If you are interested in joining the trial then the first step is to check your eligibility. In order to join the trial, you’ll need to:

If it looks like you'll be able to join the trial, we'll be in touch to arrange the next steps!

Any data submitted to this form or as any part of this project will be managed according to Carbon Co-op's Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions, please email powershaper@carbon.coop

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